University of Delaware Affiliated Programs

AAPHI Fellows are matriculated graduate students in the either the Department of English, Department of History or the Department of Art History.  They will take courses, attend workshops and training ops and find internship opportunities and mentors in the following departments:

UD Black American Studies

University of Delaware Africana Studies

Africana Studies provides students with a broad critical exposure to the multidisciplinary study of people and cultures of African descent in the United States as well as the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Europe. Courses in Africana Studies develop critical skills in the analysis of social, cultural, political and economic factors that influence their status and overall well-being. AFRA courses and program experiences prepare students to participate in society with a firmer understanding of the dynamics of race and culture that may affect them. The program provides students the opportunity to experience other cultures in the African Diaspora outside of the United States; engage in research, and develop practical understanding of issues of social justice in communities, institutions and social policies.

Kimberly Blockett
Professor and Chair
Department of Africana Studies
Professor & Graduate Chair
Department of Africana Studies


University of Delaware Department of Art History

The M.A. and Ph.D. programs of the Department of Art History at the University of Delaware provide study in the history of art from ancient to modern times, with special strengths in Western European and American art. The facilities of the University Museums on campus enable students to study original works of art, including the Paul R. Jones Collection,  and to organize special exhibitions. The Department has a cooperative program with the Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art at Bryn Mawr College and also with the Department of the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania; graduate students enrolled at each institution may take courses at the other without additional fees.


Sandy Isenstadt
Professor and Chair
Department of Art History

Margaret Werth
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Art History


University of Delaware Department of English

University of Delaware Department of English

The Department of English offers highly competitive program, and in our six-year direct-to-PhD program students will earn the MA and PhD in literature by studying with an internationally distinguished faculty of over forty full-time professors. The members of our graduate faculty are highly productive scholars whose books and articles bring credit to our program and unique research opportunities and innovative courses to our students. Students admitted into our program are fully funded through teaching, research, or graduate assistantships and are also eligible to receive generous summer research assistantships and travel grants to pursue research. Like many graduate programs in English, we have strengths in a number of traditional areas of study (such as Renaissance, Rhetoric and Composition, American Literature, African American Literature).

Named Professor & Chair
Department of English
A. Timothy Spaulding
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, English
Department of English & Africana Studies


University of Delaware Department of History

University of Delaware Department of History

The Department of History offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs in American and European history and more limited graduate study in Ancient, African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history. In addition, we sponsor interdisciplinary doctoral programs in the History of American Civilization (in cooperation with the Winterthur Museum) and the Hagley Program in Capitalism, Technology, and Culture (in conjunction with the Hagley Museum and Library). The department maintains close ties with the University’s Center for American Material Culture and Museum Studies certificate program, through which students, as a supplement to their training in history, may prepare for careers with museums and historical organizations. The History Department also participates in the University’s African American Public Humanities Initiative.

Chair & Richards Professor of American History
Joint Appointment Women and Gender Studies
David Suisman
Professor & Director, Graduate Programs
Department of History