2016-2017 Scholars

Denise Burgher

DENISE BURGHER is a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department. Denise is interested in nineteenth-century literature written by women of the African diaspora but particularly the texts that come out of the Afro-Protestant world. She is a co-leader of the exhibits team and the chair of the project’s historic church outreach committee for UD’s premiere Digital Humanities project, The Colored Conventions Project.



Harrison Graves

HARRISON GRAVES was a MA candidate in the English Department, interested in late nineteenth and twentieth-century African American literature and Visual Arts. Exploring and interrogating slavery, freedom, mobility, agency, resistance, and redemption, he is particularly interested in the ways in which black authors and artists explore, imagine, and create ephemeral moments of freedom through different modes of expression.  Harrison was also a member of the  Colored Conventions Project.




Brandi Locke

BRANDI LOCKE is a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department, interested in African American women writers of novels, pamphlets, and newspapers in the Reconstruction Era. Her focus is on respectability politics, modes of self-representation, and socio-political and Black nationalist organizing in the Clubwomen’s Movement, with special attention to archival print and material culture. Brandi is also a member of the Colored Conventions Project.